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Strength & Safety with a fun Team

​14 years & up

Pre-K Tiny Tigers

Movement, Cooperation & FUN

3 - 5 year olds

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Family Karate has been building personal safety, fitness, and self confidence since 1971. All of our Instructors are professionally educated in safe, caring, effective teaching skills. We take the fun of teaching children very seriously.

For over 45 years we have taught in local schools, supported local charities, and have partnered with our communities. To learn how other folks feel about our school, please visit our Yelp reviews here:


Karate, Courtesy & FUN

6 - 13 years old

Partnering with you

Whether you are interested in fitness and safety for yourself, more family time with your children, or looking for support as a parent, we promise to be your partner.

I am so glad my family and I found Family Karate.  I never thought I could become a Black Belt, but here I am! - Veronica

Chaeton's self control has improved dramatically. He really tries to handle situations calmly and do the right thing! - Lynette

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You'll love learning here

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Family Karate You'll Love Learning Here!   410 West Felicita Avenue, Suite K, Escondido CA 92025    (760) 746-0983  

Strengthening Families

We are committed to supporting parents in developing their children. We will partner with you to teach children lessons that last a lifetime:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity 
  • Perseverance
  • Healthy Choices
  • ​Gratitude

Katie and I have a much better relationship now that we have the support of our Family Karate Instructors.  Thank you, thank you! - Suzanne

My grandson is doing better in school, and is much more cooperative at home now, I love it! - Peggy

We love the change we have seen in Jack over the last year and a half. - Meghan

See the Top Ten reasons parents choose us to teach their children here.

If you'd like to learn more about our Karate classes for kids, self protection for teens, or Krav Maga for adults, or if you'd just like stop by for a visit, please call us

(760) 746-0983

Taking these classes has helped Evelyn gain confidence. - Roger

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