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Family Karate You'll Love Learning Here!   410 West Felicita Avenue, Suite K, Escondido CA 92025    (760) 746-0983  

TEENS (11-14 years)

ADULTS (15 & up)

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 6:30 am

Monday & Wednesday 7:30 pm

Tuesday & Thursday 6:45 pm

Saturday 8:00 am

​Fitness Mon-Thu 5:30 am & Sat 7:00 am

Many adults and teens join our program for the protection skills, and then discover all the health and fitness benefits change their lives just as much.

Others join for a fun way to get into shape with a supportive team, and soon discover they love learning safety skills.We want all our teens to go away to college safe, secure, and strong.

Earning your Black Belt can be a huge factor in earning college admission. Our young Black Belts go to the nation's top Universities every year!

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We have dozens of classes each week focused on specific ages, programs, and skill levels.  We specialize in teaching Karate classes for kids, self protection for teens, and Krav Maga for adults. Below are some of our choices for our most popular beginner classes. Please contact us for the classes that would be best for your family, or grab our Grouponhere. Thank you.


You'll love learning here

Partnering with Parents​

I have long looked for a school that can really teach character while (also teaching) a very valuable skill. Not until I worked closely with you and your school had I seen first-hand the exceptional long-term impacts you and your training have.

Ten years on, Gabe and Ben now know that achieving Black Belt is not an "option" - Dad feels that they are learning far more than punching and kicking at your school. You have said it many times... "to become a Black Belt you first must show up to the next practice".  But they learn more than that at your school: They learn patience. They learn to listen and translate what they hear/see to actions and behaviors. They learn respect - not fear... Many confuse the two. And most importantly they learn that a significant goal does not happen overnight. That they need to know it will take time and effort. Instant gratification and unlimited "lives" seems to be what kids learn with super-heroes and video games. - David Hersey

Thank you for the time you spend with our kids.  What you've done for decades now is truly invaluable.  I hope you know how much you are appreciated - Ginese Family

Thank you sincerely for all the good you are doing and have done for so many, and for your kind support of Cole and our family. He has learned so much from you regarding attitude, effort, commitment, spirit, good manners, respect, sportsmanship, patience, perseverance, and being a team player.  Cole's grandfather, who passed before he was born, came up with a memorable formula you might enjoy:  Ability + Effort = Performance....  A+E= P. Great ability without effort isn't always a winning combination.  But with limited ability and enough effort, high performance is achievable - Mama Pierce, Cole's Grandma

Learn the Top Ten reasons parents choose us the teach their children here​

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TINY TIGERS (3 & 4 years)

Monday 3:15 pm

Wednesday 3:15 pm

Saturday 11:00 am

LITTLE DRAGONS (4 & 5 years)

Monday 3:15 pm

Thursday 3:15 pm

Saturday 11:00 pm

Our little guy just needs to be reminded about your Number One Club to do what we ask him now. Amazing! - Abel & Jen

Brayden is working very hard at school and not getting discouraged.  He is very nurturing with his baby sister and helps his little brother to learn. - Lindsay

Escondido​ Karate for Kids, Teens & Adults


KIDS BEGINNERS (6-11 years)

Monday through Thursday 4:00 pm

Monday & Wednesday 6:45 pm

Saturday 9:00 am

Shawn is doing so much better at getting along with his sisters, and even setting a good example for them!  This is new...​  Sandra

We so proud of Sebastian's progress, and his attitude outside of class is respectful and kind. -  Lisa & James

Josh has continued to improve at school and home.  He made Honor Roll again and is one of the top readers in his class. - Brian

I am so proud of the growth Tyler is showing in learning to focus and take responsibility for his actions at home as well as in class. - Leah