Caring for our Karate Family
My dear Family Karate students and families

I have devoted 40 years of my life to teaching and loving every one of my students. The highlight of my life is kids running to jump on me after class!  I have done my best to always strengthen your family, and if we can continue to partner during this difficult time I know we can have growth and fun until we can all be together in class again. 

To keep you, our Instructors, and our community safe we have moved to On-]line and Outdoor instruction for martial arts, fitness, and private lessons.  Here are some highlights and suggestions:

1. Our Online live classes & Outdoor in-person classes
 includes full classroom instruction to help keep your lives as consistent as possible, keep you connected with your friends and Instructors, and continue your progress at Family Karate. 

2. We regularly post video Review Lessons, including our personal growth Black Belt Challenge to strengthen and support you during this unusual time.  We will also link to other resources that will reinforce and enrich learning.

3. You will be able to test for new belts as soon as you feel ready by demonstrating your skills while video-conferencing or demonstrating in-person.

4. We will send you emails and post on our private Facebook group about how to join our secure Zoom classes, access our video Lessons on YouTube, homeschooling resources, and inspirational stories. 

5. We will have fun activities together such as Family Movie Night and Talent Shows!

Here is an interesting
article: How to prepare for extended school closings - and not lose your mind. The very first point the article makes is that kids thrive on Routine and Predictability.  I would suggest that at Karate time each day, get into your uniform, come into class or train along with a video lesson, and then email me with any questions or suggestions.

Since you will be able to watch our martial arts video as many times as you want, rewind specific portions, email me questions, chat with your friends about the lessons, and do personal reviews with me and our wonderful team of Instructors, you will actually have a lot more personalized training - and a lot more Karate!

Lastly, we are enrolling new students at Karate Escondido so please let us know if we can help any of your friends or family members to stay active, healthy, and optimistic!

With love and gratitude - ST

Safety Training

As much as we love teaching martial arts, we know they are not for everyone - but safety is.  We have Safety Training for every age:

Children: Safety at School and in Public

Teens: Strength, Skills & Safety for the most Vulnerable Years

Young Adults: Safe Transitions to College & Worklife

Women: Daily Empowerment & Predator-Proofing

Parents: Body-guarding your Family

Seniors: Strength & Safety for Life

Partnering with Parents​

We are so grateful to - and inspired by - all of the Family Karate instructors that we really wanted to acknowledge them. We joined the karate family with a Groupon voucher for our daughter. She immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Master Truscott in the Karate for Kids class. He really emphasized the importance of respect, generosity and family values all while teaching karate techniques in a fun and creative environment.

As our daughter improved and moved up to earn her white belt, my wife and I were invited to help out in her class. I eventually was helping out in every class my daughter attended and our entire family developed a relationship with more and more of the Instructors at Karate Escondido. We loved how our daughter was responding to the lessons taught during class about listening to your parents and doing chores cheerfully.

We gradually got to know more of the families involved and came to realize that these families all shared the same values as us. I eventually started taking classes as well. I started off attending the Saturday morning workouts and self defense classes. These classes were a great way for me to get to know other parents involved with Family Karate in a less formal atmosphere. Those classes got me interested in the evening adult classes, where the “art” part of the martial arts is also taught.

Now, my wife and I are both attending classes and we love it. It has been amazing for our entire family  to learn from your Family Karate Escondido team and cannot thank you enough for all you support in the past couple of years. We look forward to learning new things from your instructors in the years to come and love being a family supporting Family Karate - Devin Kambestad

Thank you for the time you spend with our kids.  What you've done for decades now is truly invaluable.  I hope you know how much you are appreciated - Ginese Family

I looked long and hard for a martial arts school that would really teach character, while also teaching very valuable self-protection skills. Not until I worked closely with you and your school did I see first-hand the exceptional long-term impacts you and your training have.

Now ten years on, Gabe and Ben now know that achieving Black Belt is not an "option" - Dad feels that they are learning far more than punching and kicking at your school. You have said it many times... "to become a Black Belt you must first show up to the next practice".  But they learn more than perseverance at your school - they learn patience. They learn to listen and translate what they hear/see to actions and behaviors. They learn respect, not fear... many confuse the two. And most importantly, they learn that a significant goal does not happen overnight. Instant gratification and unlimited "lives" seems to be what kids learn with super-heroes and video games. Thanks to you, my boys now know that achievement takes time and effort. - David Hersey

I sincerely thank you for all the help and support you provided to both of our boys throughout these years. I believe that your training helped them to be more responsible, polite and overall good people. We thank you and the team of Instructors for that. Your program really helps children and their parents, and I hope more families get to know the benefits :) - Brenda Booth

Thank you sincerely for all the good you are doing and have done for so many at Karate Escondido, and for your kind support of Cole and our family. He has learned so much from you regarding attitude, effort, commitment, spirit, good manners, respect, sportsmanship, patience, perseverance, and being a team player.  

Cole's grandfather, who passed before he was born, came up with a memorable formula you might enjoy:  Ability + Effort = Performance....  A+E= P. Great ability without effort isn't always a winning combination.  But with limited ability and enough effort, high performance is achievable - Mama Pierce, Cole's Grandma

Master Truscott tells: How I chose a Karate School for my daughter  here​ 

Learn the Top Ten Reasons Parents Choose Us the teach their children 

If you're already convinced, please visit our home page and give us a try on ActivityHero.

How Family Karate is different

Dear Moms & Dads, Grandmas & Grandpas

For nearly 50 years Family Karate Escondido has been serving our community by guiding children, supporting parents, and strengthening families.

Our classes are fun, and we hold our kids to high standards. Karate Kids must show us that they have been more respectful and responsible at home and at school before they can earn any new belt - including White Belt. They bring every report card and school award in to our Instructors. You can read dozens of letters from grateful parents and impressed teachers

We partner with you in developing the whole child physically, socially, and academically.  Each quarter our students learn about the work and impact of a different life-model, from Albert Einstein to Nelson Mandela, from Marie Curie to Helen Keller. (Learn more here)

At each of our summer camps our campers learn about important people, events, and concepts related to that camp's theme: Valentina Tereshkova, the Moon Landing, and Black Holes during Star Wars Camp, for example. (Learn more here)

 And Family Karate really is family karate: you can actually be in class with your kids! At least half our Black Belt Graduates each year are Moms and Dads of our Karate Kids - most of whom once thought they much too old to do Karate with their children!

Family Karate has always supported our local schools, churches, and charities with Say No To Drugs programs, Life Lessons, Teen-Safe courses, Career Day talks, and fundraising support. Our students have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for children’s charities such as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Association, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Over 25 years ago, Family Karate pioneered Martial Arts for the Physically Challenged, a program that has been adopted nationwide.

To learn more about how we will partner with your family, please call me at (760) 746-0983 or write to me anytime at, or just grab our Groupon and give us a visit.

Here's what parents are saying about our online support:

"We were introduced to Family Karate Escondido when Ethan was in First Grade. He was very hesitant because at that age he was afraid to try new things, but Ethan loved class and has never looked back!

Their Karate for Kids is so much more than Taekwondo: Master Truscott and his team teach so many life skills and go above and beyond in everything they provide for our children. They truly care for them and their well-being. 

As quarantine started and continued, we were so grateful that Family Karate stayed by our side. Master Truscott transformed his Dojo into our living rooms. Ethan eagerly awaits his classes and is just as focused to learn from home as he was in the pre-Covid era. Master Truscott has worked to ensure that our students are strong and healthy both physically and mentally through these challenging times. 

Master Truscott not only provides online classes, but also personal training sessions, P.E. classes, Friday Family movie nights and engaging Camps.

Family Karate is truly a part of our family every day. Whether it's practicing a new routine, being kind to others or working hard in school, Family Karate has helped to shape our son into the kind, courteous, and hard-working 11 year old that he is today." - Mindy"

Family Karate Escondido has risen above and beyond anything I have seen to keep its community connected, learning, and caring for each other.  This is the hallmark of a great school!  Live classes, pre-recorded You-Tube classes that can be re-visited, support for families who are struggling teaching their kids at home, allowing families to train together with their children and stay strong and connected within that family bond, creating an online academy to reach students from afar.....who does these things?  Only the greatest, most invested and most loving communities do these things!  

I am proud to be a part of this and to have my girls, along with their cousins (and previously their father and their uncle) train here.  Family Karate not only nurtures their students but the entire family unit, and THAT is what sets it apart from anybody else."
- Lisa

"We stumbled upon Family Karate through a quick internet search for online karate. We somehow hit karate gold, when our search led us to Steve Truscott and Family Karate Escondido. We were searching for a team-based activity offered from the safety of our home, given that our 6-year-old has been distance learning for a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Family Karate Escondido is teaching our son karate (no previous experience), providing him a fun outlet involving other children in the class (all over Zoom), teaching ethical principles and core values to emphasize responsibility, and brings the family together for weekly online Family Night involving games and movies.

We highly recommend Family Karate as an enriching experience for children and the whole family."
- Jacqueline

Live Interactive Online Classes

We are currently teaching kids Coast-to-Coast, from the Bay Area to Brooklyn, and we'd love for your family to join us!

Beginner & Intermediate Children 5-12 yrs Monday & Wednesday 5:00 pm, Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 pm

Junior Black Belts  Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 pm

Adults & Teens Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 pm

Please note: Each class has its own Zoom meeting number and password, so please watch your emails for details on how to join us. Looking forward to seeing all of you in class!

In-Person Outdoor Classes at Kit Carson Park, Tree Lake Picnic Area in Escondido, CA on Wednesdays & Saturdays each week.  To RSVP for class or for a complimentary Guest Pass please email.  

New Outdoor Class Times


6:00 pm  Beginner & Intermediate Children

6:45 pm Adults & Junior Black Belts


9:00 am  Adults & Junior Black Belts

9:45 am Beginner & Intermediate Children

To support all of these classes we regularly post Video Lessons for each class on our YouTube channel: FamilyKarateEsc.  Here's a sample lesson.

You are always welcome to try a single class or an introductory course with us on ActivityHero.

GEAR HERE!  We have arranged for to send all your new uniforms, belts, pads, and even BOB directly to your home! Just use promo code CMA00523 at checkout to receive 10% off regular prices.

As soon as we have returned to classes at our school, we will continue to have dozens of classes each week focused on specific ages, programs, and skill levels.  We specialize in teaching Karate classes for kids, Self Protection for teens, and Mixed Martial Arts for adults. Below are some of our choices for our most popular beginner Online & Outdoor classes. Please visit us here, or email us for the classes that would be best for your family.  Thank you.

Family Karate You'll Love Learning Here!   On-line Worldwide & Outdoors in San Diego, CA 

Family Karate Escondido - Safety, Strength & Fun

Martial Arts for Adults, Karate for Kids, Self Leadership Skills for Teens

Reserve Your Outdoor Classes Here!

Please note: you must be a member of our Karate Family to enjoy these special classes. To visit a class as our guest, or to reserve a private lesson, please call (858) 480-9408 or email us.  Thank you.

KARATE FOR KIDS (4 to 6 years)

Martial Arts Online 

Monday 5:00 pm Pacific

Tuesday 4:00 pm Pacific

Wednesday 5:00 pm Pacific

Thursday 4:00 pm Pacific

Outdoor Martial Arts

Tree Lake Area, Kit Carson Park

Wednesday 4:00 pm

Saturday 9:45 am

Reservations are requested for new students. Please email us to reserve your complimentary lessons.

Our little guy just needs to be reminded about your Number One Club to do what we ask him now. Amazing! - Abel & Jen

Brayden is working very hard at school and not getting discouraged.  He is very nurturing with his baby sister and helps his little brother to learn. - Lindsay

Since joining Karate for Kids Josh has continued to improve at school and home.  He made Honor Roll again and is one of the top readers in his class. - Brian​


Martial Arts Online 

Monday 5:00 pm Pacific

Tuesday 6:00 pm Pacific

Wednesday 5:00 pm Pacific

Thursday 6:00 pm Pacific​

Outdoor Martial Arts

Tree Lake Area, Kit Carson Park

​Wednesday 4:30 pm

Saturday 9:00 am​

Reservations are requested for new students. Please email us to reserve your complimentary lessons.

Many adults and teens join our program for the protection skills, and then discover all the health and fitness benefits change their lives just as much.

Others join for a fun way to get into shape with a supportive team, and soon discover they love learning safety skills.We want all our teens to go away to college safe, secure, and strong.

Earning your Black Belt in martial arts can be a huge factor in earning college admission. Our young Black Belts go to the nation's top Universities every year!

Start building confidence and safety by emailing us for a complimentary trial class.

KARATE FOR KIDS (6 to 11 years)

Martial Arts Online 

Monday 5:00 pm Pacific

Tuesday 4:00 pm Pacific

​Wednesday 5:00 pm Pacific

Thursday 4:00 pm Pacific

Outdoor Martial Arts

Tree Lake Area, Kit Carson Park

​Wednesday 4:00 pm

Saturday 9:45 am​

Reservations are requested for new students. Please email us to reserve your complimentary lessons.

Shawn is doing so much better at getting along with his sisters, and even setting a good example for them!  This is new...​  Sandra

We so proud of Sebastian's progress since joining Family Karate Escondido. His attitude outside of class has become respectful and kind. -  Lisa & James

I am so proud of the growth Tyler is showing in learning to focus and take responsibility for his actions at home as well as in class. - Leah