Camps, Birthday Parties, & Other Fun Stuff

A Week at Hogwarts was so much fun!  Three other amazing Summer Camps available.

Your kids will love being part of Harry Potter’s world at our Summer Camps: The Sorting Hat  - Houses - Quidditch  - Wand-making!  We also have Super Heroes, Lego, and Star Wars Camps.  Please see all the dates and choices here.

Summer Camp runs Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Early drop-off (8:00 am) and late pick-up (5:00 am) are available with pre-registration.

Summer Camps spots go fast - especially Hogwarts! - so please email Master Truscott today to reserve your places at our most magical Summer Camps ever!

Graduation in the Park 

Please join us for Family Karate’s 48th Birthday Party, water ballon battle & your belt graduation!

Saturday, June 22 at Noon

Kit Carson Park, El Arroyo Picnic Area One

Whether or not you are graduating you, your family, and your friends are all very welcome. RSVP to Mrs. Copenhaver ( so that we have a head-count. Thank you.

Please - no uniforms at our Belt Promotions & giant Water Balloon Battle!

Black Belt Promotions

Congratulations to our most recent World Martial Arts Ranking Association Black Belt Degree graduates! 

First Degree Black Belt

Alexander Severinghaus

Bryan Knapp

Chuck Cason

Chris Swartz

Gabriella Erimli

Ian Brown

Lillian Gong

Second Degree Black Belt

LeAnn Erimli

Jon Beyrer

Tom Drinnon

Daniel Wiesner

Third Degree Black Belt

Susan Brandt

Bahadir Erimli

After Black Belt Graduation many Moms, Dads, and grand-parents kindly came to say how much our high expectations and guidance have meant to their kids and to their families.  

These families were very grateful that their academic kids found this thing to make them stronger and safer, and that their athletic kids found this path to self discipline and wise choices.

We are very honored to partner with these hugely supportive parents to help make a big, long-term difference in our students' lives.

High School Grads

Congratulations to our most recent High School graduates including:

Daniel Wiesner (Second Degree)

Danielle Dyson (Red Belt)

Eric Nguyen (Red Belt) 

Ian Brown (First Degree)

We know each of you will continue to make us proud!


Grab our awesome Groupon, and try classes for the whole family!


Thanks to everyone who broke boards, brought buddies, and raised funds for Champions for Children at our Breakathon! We appreciate all your support of Family Karate's community service.


Project Strong   

Project Strong is a way to walk the Warrior Path by strengthening our Minds, our Bodies, and our World. Each goal is illuminated by a life-model. 

The simple version of this quarter's Gratitude challenge is:
Gratitude for all the love and good in our lives now and in the future

Show gratitude for our amazing bodies by feeding, exercising, and resting them respectfully

Simplify our needs, our possessions, and our lives. "Gratitude turns what we have into enough."

Life Model: Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. The story of Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, was made famous by Keller's autobiography The Story of My Life, and its adaptations for film and stage The Miracle Worker.

Helen Keller showed gratitude for the gifts she had been given (especially curiosity and imagination) by becoming an inspirational and prolific author and speaker. Her main themes were the joy of service, and the happiness that came from doing things for others. Keller travelled widely and campaigned for women's suffrage, labor rights, social justice, and peace.

Movie Recommendation

During her Spring Break from college, my daughter suggested we watch the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo. I was very glad we did.  This movie about free-climbing tells an amazing story, but is also a clear depiction of the Warrior Way.  The climber Alex Honnold even articulates what the Way is: commitment, training, and perfection. 

We are on solid ground with the first two, but the perfection may seem a mirage. Combat situations are so dynamic that we may survive a mistake, but for free-climbers protection from death requires perfection.  Alex's goal is to learn, mentally rehearse, and physically practice each move so deeply that he turns a free-climb into a low-risk, high-consequence flow.

Master Hawkins has often told us about the Japanese sword art that consists of draw, cut, re-sheath.  Imagine facing a kenshi who had spent a life-time perfecting only this...

Champions for Children Tournament Series 2018 Grand Champions

Junior Black Belts I: Madison Coperhaver (winner), Molly Davis (runner-up)

Junior Black Belts II: Jacob Mitchell (winner), Emma Stephens (runner-up)

Degree Black Belts: Joe Garvin

Black Belt Fitness Test Saves Lives

The Fitness Test for our Black Belt Exam includes 40 push-ups for men.  A recent Harvard study says:  Active, middle-aged men able to complete more than 40 pushups had a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes — including diagnoses of coronary artery disease and major events such as heart failure — during 10 years of follow-up compared with those who were able to do fewer than 10 pushups during the baseline exam.  

So we're on the right path to self-protection in more than one way!  You can read the complete articlehere.

Birthday Parties 

Ever had your birthday cake cut with a Samurai sword?  Boys and girls love how much fun our parties are, and parents love how easy they are!  Please reserve your party 30 days in advance as we only have a few spots available each weekend.  Thanks.

Spirit of Dr. King Award

At Family Karate we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by recognizing our students for being warriors committed to "building a more just and peaceful world".   It is interesting that our first three winners are all Family Karate Junior Black Belts who have trained with us for many years.

Our latest award goes to:

Jason Mendez

"I attend a Middle School where bullying and fighting takes place every day. Very few students have respect for teachers.  I do my part to prevent and stop fights.

One day I came out the locker room straight into the perfect fight setting - two Sixth Graders squared off, no teachers around, and tons of witnesses gathered. They were sizing each other up, and the cuss words were flying.  I came in at the last moment, but I was able to prevent a fight between two boys I didn't even know.  

What's funny is that when I see these guys now they are good friends!  If all people could learn to forgive and forget the world would be better, but for now we each need to care for each other."

Previous Spirit of Dr. King honorees

Cavan Lynch

Sylvia Tran 

Thanksgiving Gifts. Thank you for the hundred of gifts you brought in for the Community Resource Center.  Thank you also for teaching your children to be generous and caring with others.  We appreciate that the CRC provides not only food and clothing, but also counseling, education, jobs, and many other steps towards self-sufficiency.  You can volunteer or donate to the CRC any time here

Brain Cancer Fund-raiser.  Thanks to the generosity of our Black Belts, and most especially Master and Mrs. Johnson, we have raised thousands of dollars for the 2017 Over the Edge Brain Cancer event. We recently lost one of Karate Moms to brain cancer, and one of her close friends (who has a fear of heights!) is rappelling off the top of San Diego's tallest building on December 3.  We'll post video!   

The funds raised go to brain cancer research right here in San Diego, and you can still donate directly here.  Thank you.

Red Cross BreakathonThanks to all of you for helping the Red Cross provide safe water, medical services, food and shelter to hurricane victims.  Our Escondido Breakathon raised over $1,300, and our top fund-raiser was Taylor Hobson! Overall, Family Karate raised over $4,000 for the Red Cross in one week.

​​Classes - We have dozens of classes each week, divided by age, program and skill level.  Whether it is Karate classes for kids, self protection for teens, or Krav Maga for adults, please see our Classes page for some choices, or contact us for the classes that would be best for your family. Call (760) 746-0983. Thank you.  To see how other parents feel about our partnership with them, you may want to visit our Parents Say... page.​


Parents Night Out - We give Moms and Dads a break with specially-themed Fun Nights!  Please keep checking back here for our next fun event. Thanks.




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