At Family Karate Escondido we love teaching martial arts!  We especially love seeing our students become strong self-leaders.  And we are grateful to partner with parents in guiding our students towards fulfilled lives as responsible, respectful, and resilient people.  

Here's what Moms, Dads, Teachers, and Principals are saying about our Karate Kids' success:

​Kaiden continues to excel at school almost completely independently. At home he is becoming more patient and helpful with his younger siblings.

Logan has been listening to his parents very well. He follows instructions without having to be told repeatedly. He has also been helping out at home and doing chores without being prompted to do so. - Aleah

Weston is a kind and helpful brother and son. He has had a positive attitude regarding homework and earned an Academic Achievement Award this month. - Melissa

Ben is always helpful, does not complain, and is a caring brother and friend. He does very well in school, volunteers, and goes the extra mile. - David

Miles had been keeping his room tidy and not leaving shoes all around the house. - Chris

Derek is controlling his temper, working hard on schoolwork, has a good attitude with chores, and is ready on time for school. - Gina

Sasha recently helped her schoolmates during her school's talent show by encouraging them not to give up! - Victoria

Alex cleans her room when asked. She's very kind to others and initiated a coat drive for the homeless. - Jo

Arno has really improved during transition times.  He is very cooperative when it is time to do his homework. He was able to overcome his fear of getting his vaccination! - Andrew

Joe is always ready to help out. Even without reward, he's always ready to lend a hand and expects nothing in return.  He is always kind and polite. - Maggie

Kabir has been doing exceptionally well at school.  He finishes his school work on time. He has been introduced to a few new things like soccer, Spanish, and swimming, and he is doing great at all of them! - Rohini

Chance has really improved his behaviors and choices at home. Also, he's been doing amazingly well at school. The chat Master Truscott had with him about keeping his brain in the blue zone really helped. Thank you! - Jenny

Tara has demonstrated great perseverance and self control to balance her school work and creative pursuits.  We are so proud of her! - Shefali

Idania has been very helpful at home, including ensuring that our dogs eats by keeping him company. She walks her brother to class, and she is very helpful with her classmates. - Evelyn

Declan is always respectful towards his teachers and his friends at school. He works hard finishing his assignments and enjoys learning new things. - Ms. DePasquale

Heaven spent her own money to make bags to give to homeless people.  She likes to keep the bags with her so she will always be ready to help when there is a need - Amber

​Elise is an outstanding student who always works to the best of her abilities each day - Mrs. W, Del Mar Hills Elementary

Cain is great at listening the first time and understanding how his choices affect his day.  He is doing well with bedtime and understands the importance of rest. He has also become our family's recycler! - Gabriela

​Cora has made a real effort in her adjustment to her new school. She listens and had been trying to do thing cheerfully the first time we ask - Mrs. K

When Gunner is finished with a task he always asks if there is anything else he can do.  He also does what is asked of him the first time! - Ginny

Azaria is respectful at school, and responsible with assignments - Ms. Johnson

Melanie has improved greatly! Notices of incomplete work at school have stopped, and she does the things that are expected of her all on her own - Adam

Patrick has been a wonderful addition to our classroom.  He follows directions and is respectful to his teacher and peers - Ms. A, The Classical Academy

Tavian is learning to put others needs and wants above his own.  He continues to demonstrate a high level of kindness, compassion and patience with his sister.  He helps her without being asked, does thoughtful things for her, and has recently asked to read to her at night. We are so proud of the young man he is growing to be - Brandy

Emma is one of my top students, always giving 100% effort and respectful to her classmates - Mr. Carlos

Ethan stood up for his friend who was being bullied. He also had the courage to ask his math teachers how he could get into Math Enrichment and they granted it to him! - Mindy

Alyssa is very proactive in school with her work. She works well with others - Ms. Morell, Reidy Creek

Everett has done a great job starting Kindergarten. He is kind and stands up for other kids - Erin

Marc is a wonderful student!  He has an amazing attitude and great work ethic - Ms. Zimmerman, Adventist Academy

Brayden has stepped up his contributions to our family by cleaning hard on family cleaning days, and helps to to do the dishes daily. - Lindsey 

Audrey us a wonderful scholar and supportive to classmates - Ms. McKeon, Quantum Academy

Jonah has made the choice to be selfless and helpful when we are out as a family.  He has really stepped up lately! - Allison

J.J. works hard in class, and is helpful to others - Ms. West, Heritage

​Melanie has lived up to the principles that she agreed to: self-respect and respect for others - Adam

Shayla is respectful at school, and responsible with assignments - Ms. Mendoza

Alex has been more helpful at home.  He has been new healthier food options lately - Brenda

Lorelei is a hard worker and a pleasure to have in class! - Ms. Lee, Heritage Academy

Taylor has been very kind to her brother, even when he is annoying her, showing a lot of maturity.  She has also been willing to be helpful and is happy to pitch in, which is a huge improvement - Sara

All of a sudden... Ethan has been offering to help me and offering help to other students.  It has been so wonderful to see him begin to shine in this way and to share his knowledge and help with others - Mrs. Kifer, Shoal Creek


Daan has become more patient. Doing homework is less of a struggle, and he's coming up with ideas how all the siblings can be nicer to each other.  We all like the calmer version of Daan! - Marjolein

Blake is always focused and on-task.  He makes me very proud every day - Ms. Ochosa, Heritage Academy

Since volunteering for your Summer Camps, Gabe has shown large improvement in his responsibility and work effort.  It is wonderful to see the impact your teaching has on him - David

Henry is a leader and role model. He is an extremely hard worker. His character is exemplary! Mrs. Kilpatrick, MCS

Karate is a blessing in Molly's life.  It is a source of drive and confidence for her - Mike

JP demonstrates high quality work and a positive attitude at school. - Ms. Hendrickson, St. Michael's

Chaeton has grown immensely.  He is hard-working and responsible.  We are very proud of his behavior, and Karate has helped with bringing that all together! - Lynette 

Joshua is a great student! He is hard-working, conscientious, and intelligent. He is always willing to lend a hand to help me and his classmates. Ms. Dominguez High Tech High School

Amelie has really improved her attitude at home - doing chores cheerfully and without back-talk. - Arah

Mathew's grades were amazing. Out of 17 categories he received 13 Outstandings and 4 Goods - Ms. A, Escondido Christian School

Breanna has done a total 360! Thank you and keep up the good work - Crystal

Taryn is a wonderful student who always does her best - Mr. P, San Pasqual Union

Kaedon is a very respectful, responsible, and loving person at home.  He gets his homework done on time, and helps around the house - Tony

Sabrina is a model student. She consistently puts in great effort and produces high quality work - Ms. H, Bear Valley Middle School

Jack was a huge help to our family over the past few weeks while we were sick, helping with extra chores and responsibilities, doing things without being told and without complaint - Tiffany

Sara is a hard working student. She tries her best at everything she does in class - Ms. K, L.R. Green School

Christian has become more respectful, and does things when told to do them - Larry

Molly is a wonderful student. She is kind and responsible - Ms. B, Miller School

Aidan has been very helpful around the house. And Aidan is doing really well in school! - Keith

Shelton is very bright and very positive, works well on a team, and is an asset the class - Mr. C, Bear Valley Middle School

Kaleb has a big heart, helps when he can, and loves on his siblings!  He works hard - Summer

Max follows the rules and is independent. Max works well with his peers - Ms. L, MCS Pre-school

Sebastian is always willing to do chores and take responsibility for himself and his family.  I am proud of his efforts - Lisa

Danielle is a pleasure to have in class each day! She is always respectful, hard-working, and has a great attitude - Ms. M, Classical Academy 

Luke sets a good example for his younger siblings by helping us with house-work, and following our instructions -  Jennifer

Taylor is an amazing student and has excellent character - Mrs. B, Rock Springs Elementary

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you we absolutely LOVE Mr. Packwood.  He is so great with the kids and I am very happy with the progress Breckyn has made at home and in class. - Katie

Marley is a very good student.  She actively participates and follows classroom rules and procedures. - Ms. J, The Classical Academy

Ellie is learning to control her emotions.  She is growing and improving in the area of self-control.  We are proud of her efforts! - Tiffany

Bryce is helpful and responsible at school - Ms. H, Chaparral Elementary 

Ethan works hard both at home and at school.  He's always helpful, sweet, and kind to his little brother. - Monique

Randy is a very hard worker, and has a great attitude - Ms. F,  Del Dios Middle School

Since starting at Family Karate, I have seen a significant different in my son Elijah's attitude. His teacher has mentioned numerous times that his attitude and motivation have been incredible. She counts this as a huge win because motivation at school tends to lack the closer we get to Christmas break. I am so grateful for this amazing community! - Lindsey

​Madison is a delightful and very caring person - Ms. Dockery, St. Mary's School

Jackson has been working very hard to make improvements both at home and at school.  We have seen growth in his concentration and willingness to help at home - Michelle

Benjamin is disciplined, positive, and hard-working - Ms. Bright, St. Michael's School

Dylan is very responsible and respectful.  He loves his Karate lessons!  Thank you so much - Dani

James participates well in class and is always happy to help others - Ms. D, Bear Valley Middle School

​Ally continues to do a great job at school and her many activities and sports, Girl Scouts, Cheer, etc - Brian

​Ethan is hardworking, kind, and wonderful - Ms. W, Chaparral Elementary

Leon has improved his self-control and tries to calm himself when angered by his siblings.  He is learning a lot about respect - Monica

 Amelie is an excellent student, and a joy to have in class Mrs. I, Del Mar Hills Elementary

CJ has become more helpful around the house, helping with laundry and other chores - Eric

Helia is one of my most engaged, active, and intelligent students.  She is always on task, willing to assist, and ready to learn - Mr. P, Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Mathew is growing into a great and kind young man. He is so thoughtful and cares for everyone - Holly

Chaeton is off to a wonderful year academically and socially - Mrs. V, Grace Christian School

​Christopher has been particularly responsible with his school work.  His grades are good and his teacher is satisfied - Estella​

Eric is a great citizen!  He finishes all his work and is well-behaved - Ms. O, Chaparral Elementary

William is showing steady improvement with carrying out his responsibilities at home - Alyssa

Jacob has been doing his schoolwork much more cooperatively this year, and taking ownership of it - Melissa

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