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Family Karate's four FUN Summer Camps - June 18 through July 20


It’s time to schedule summer activities for our kids and grandkids!  Our Camps are not summer Karate classes for kids - they are much, much more! Here’s what other happy parents have said about our fun, educational Camps:

As a parent you sign your children up for camps in the hopes of them having fun.  Family Karate made the camps both fun and educational. Our kids came home each day filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  The dinner table discussions were lively with talk of real life secret agents and drones used by spies! - Cynthia Kiesel

​Spencer loved camp this year! He enjoyed learning how to use all the different skills… Thanks for a great week! - Tracy B.

Molly just finished showing me all the wonderful things in her folder from camp. What a wonderful week - she learned so much about so many amazing people and things.  I said to her, "Wow, Master Truscott puts on some amazing camps!"  She was so happy and proud of her work... Drew and I agreed we were quite blessed the day we found you and Family Karate - Gretchen Davis

Ethan loved every minute of every camp this summer! Please let us know when the next ones are - Monica Haithcock

SPECIAL! Choose Ninjago or Super Heroes Summer Camps and receive $50 off per Camp, plus $25 sibling discounts. You’ll be glad you did!

Ninjago  June 18-15 - Learn the history, secrets, & weapons of the true Ninja. Theme:  Self-discipline


Super Heroes  June 25-29  - Learn about your comic-book heroes, & real-life ones. Theme:  Inspiration


Lego  July 9-13 - Learn & build with the world’s most popular building blocks. Theme:  Creativity


Star Wars  July 16-20 - Learn about our universe, solar system, and astronauts. Theme:  Aspiration


These Camps are filling fast - Lego is full and & Star Wars is almost full now - so please choose your Summer Camp dates and themes from the list above, then reserve your kids' places here: 

Call (760) 746-0983


Summer Camps for Kids in Escondido