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Spring Camp.  Parents say our Camps are great way for their kids to have fun while learning life-skills: 

​     - Spencer loved Warrior Camp this year.  Thanks so much for a great week! - Tracy

     - Thanks for making summer camps fun and educational.  Our kids came home each day filled with excitement and enthusiasm ...and they're counting down the days until the next Camp! - Cynthia

     - Ethan loves every day of every camp! Please let us know when the next ones are. Thanks - Monique 

We have only one Camp this Spring March 26-30, and it is almost full! ​ Each day of Camp has a cool new theme, from Ninjago Spinjitzu to Secret Agent spy-gear!  Each day also has an important Life Lesson.

FINAL DAYS - You can save $50 now by grabbing one of the last five spots.

Please contact us right away to reserve your places & claim your savings (  Thank you.

Champions for Children Friendship Tournament, Sunday, March 24

Palomar YMCA Stensrud Gymnastics Center (1050 N. Broadway, Escondido, CA 92026)


1:00 pm   Tournament Registration and Pre-Registration check-in.

1:15 pm   Judges meeting

1:30 pm   Opening Ceremonies & 2017 Grand Champion Awards

2:00 pm Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons, Special Abilities, Children White - Purple Belts

3:00 pm   Children Blue - Red Belts, Junior Black Belts, Adults White - Red Belts

4:00 pm   Adult Black Belts & Black Belt candidates

Thank you for supporting Champions for Children.  We hope our tournament will be a great experience in your martial arts journey, and that you’ll join us again.

Project Strong.   We have a fun new way to get stronger personally and athletically this year.  Every six weeks we will post a new series of challenges to make ourselves, our martial arts, our families, and our communities stronger. Our first challenge for 2018 is Discipline, and our life model is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  You can get the details on our new Project Strong challenge here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We are very happy that our nation celebrates the life and achievements of Dr. King each January.  Family Karate sponsors the Spirit of Dr. King Awards to students who stand up for justice and peace (see below). 

Black Belt Graduation. Congratulations to our new Black Belts and Certified Instructors!  

World Martial Arts Ranking Association Black Belt Degree

Daniel Wiesner - First Degree (Escondido)

Joshua Fuller - Second Degree (4S Ranch)

LeAnn Erimli - First Degree (Rancho Penasquitos)

Megan Ong  - First Degree (Solana Beach)

Wendi McKenna - First Degree (Solana Beach)

WMARA Instructor Certification

Kayleigh Kornher  (Solana Beach)

LeAnn Erimli (Rancho Penasquitos)

Melissa Packwood (Escondido)

Susan Brandt (Solana Beach)

Timothy Higgins (Rancho Penasquitos)


Thanksgiving Gifts. Thank you for the hundred of gifts you brought in for the Community Resource Center.  Thank you also for teaching your children to be generous and caring with others.  We appreciate that the CRC provides not only food and clothing, but also counseling, education, jobs, and many other steps towards self-sufficiency.  You can volunteer or donate to the CRC any time here

Brain Cancer Fund-raiser.  Thanks to the generosity of our Black Belts, and most especially Master and Mrs. Johnson, we have raised thousands of dollars for the 2017 Over the Edge Brain Cancer event. We recently lost one of Karate Moms to brain cancer, and one of her close friends (who has a fear of heights!) is repelling off the top of San Diego's tallest building on December 3.  We'll post video!   

The funds raised go to brain cancer research right here in San Diego, and you can still donate directly here.  Thank you.

Red Cross BreakathonThanks to all of you for helping the Red Cross provide safe water, medical services, food and shelter to hurricane victims.  Our Escondido Breakathon raised over $1300, and our top fund-raiser was Taylor Hobson! Overall, Family Karate raised over $4,000 for the Red Cross in one week.

Spirit of Dr. King Award- At Family Karate we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by recognizing our students for being warriors committed to building a most just and peaceful world.   It is interesting that our fist three winners are all Family Karate Junior Black Belts who have trained with us for many years.

Jason Mendez

I attend a Middle School where bullying and fighting takes place every day. Very few students have respect for teachers.  I do my part to prevent and stop fights.

One day I came out the locker room straight into the perfect fight setting - two Sixth Graders squared off, no teachers around, and tons of witnesses gathered. They were sizing each other up, and the cuss words were flying.  I came in at the last moment, but I was able to prevent a fight between two boys I didn't even know. 

What's funny is that when I see these guys now they are good friends!  If all people could learn to forgive and forget the world would be better, but for now we each need to care for each other.

Previous Spirit of Dr. King honorees

Cavan Lynch

Sylvia Tran 

​​CLASSES - We have dozens of classes each week, divided by age, program and skill level.  Whether it is Karate classes for kids, self protection for teens, or Krav Maga for adults, please see our Classes page for some choices, or contact us for the classes that would be best for your family. Call (760) 746-0983. Thank you.  To see how other parents feel about our partnership with them, you may want to visit our Parents Say... page.


BIRTHDAY PARTIES - Ever had your birthday cake cut with a Samurai sword?  Boys and girls love how much fun our parties are, and parents love how easy they are!  Please reserve your party 30 days in advance as we only have a few spots available each weekend.  Thanks.


PARENTS NIGHT OUT - We give Moms and Dads a break with specially-themed Fun Nights!  Please keep checking back here for our next fun event. Thanks.




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