We love teaching martial arts!  We love seeing our students become stronger, safer, and more confident.  And we love partnering with parents to guide our students towards a fulfilled life as responsible, respectful, and resilient people.  

Here's what Moms, Dads, teachers, and Principals are saying about their kids' success:

Daan has become more patient. Doing homework is less of a struggle, and he's coming up with ideas how all the siblings can be nicer to each other.  We all like the calmer version of Daan! - Marjolein

Blake is always focused and on-task.  He makes me very proud every day - Ms. Ochosa, Heritage

Since volunteering for your Summer Camps, Gabe has shown large improvement in his responsibility and work effort.  It is wonderful to see the impact your teaching has on him - David

Henry is a leader and role model. He is an extremely hard worker. His character is exemplary! Mrs. Kilpatrick, MCS

Karate is a blessing in Molly's life.  It is a source of drive and confidence for her - Mike

JP demonstrates high quality work and a positive attitude at school. Ms. Hendrickson St. Michael's

Chaeton has grown immensely.  He is hard-working and responsible.  We are very proud of his behavior, and Karate has helped with bringing that all together! - Lynette 

Joshua is a great student! He is hard-working, conscientious, and intelligent. He is always willing to lend a hand to help me and his classmates. Ms. Dominguez High Tech High School

Amelie has really improved her attitude at home - doing chores cheerfully and without back-talk. - Arah

Mathew's grades were amazing. Out of 17 categories he received 13 Outstandings and 4 Goods - Ms. A, Escondido Christian School

Breanna has done a total 360! Thank you and keep up the good work - Crystal

Taryn is a wonderful student who always does her best - Mr. P, San Pasqual Union

Kaedon is a very respectful, responsible, and loving person at home.  He gets his homework done on time, and helps around the house - Tony

Sabrina is a model student. She consistently puts in great effort and produces high quality work - Ms. H, Bear Valley Middle School

Jack was a huge help to our family over the past few weeks while we were sick, helping with extra chores and responsibilities, doing things without being told and without complaint - Tiffany

Sara is a hard working student. She tries her best at everything she does in class - Ms. K, L.R. Green School

Christian has become more respectful, and does things when told to do them - Larry

Molly is a wonderful student. She is kind and responsible - Ms. B, Miller School

Aidan has been very helpful around the house. And Aidan is doing really well in school! - Keith

Shelton is very bright and very positive, works well on a team, and is an asset the class - Mr. C, Bear Valley Middle School

Kaleb has a big heart, helps when he can, and loves on his siblings!  He works hard - Summer

Max follows the rules and is independent. Max works well with his peers - Ms. L, MCS Pre-school

Sebastian is always willing to do chores and take responsibility for himself and his family.  I am proud of his efforts - Lisa

Danielle is a pleasure to have in class each day! She is always respectful, hard-working, and has a great attitude - Ms. M, Classical Academy 

Luke sets a good example for his younger siblings by helping us with house-work, and following our instructions -  Jennifer

Taylor is an amazing student and has excellent character - Mrs. B, Rock Springs Elementary

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you we absolutely LOVE Mr. Packwood.  He is so great with the kids and I am very happy with the progress Breckyn has made at home and in class. - Katie

Marley is a very good student.  She actively participates and follows classroom rules and procedures. - Ms. J, The Classical Academy

Ellie is learning to control her emotions.  She is growing and improving in the area of self-control.  We are proud of her efforts! - Tiffany

Bryce is helpful and responsible at school - Ms. H, Chaparral Elementary 

Ethan works hard both at home and at school.  He's always helpful, sweet, and kind to his little brother. - Monique

Randy is a very hard worker, and has a great attitude - Ms. F,  Del Dios Middle School

Since starting at Family Karate, I have seen a significant different in my son Elijah's attitude. His teacher has mentioned numerous times that his attitude and motivation have been incredible. She counts this as a huge win because motivation at school tends to lack the closer we get to Christmas break. I am so grateful for this amazing community! - Lindsey

​Madison is a delightful and very caring person - Ms. Dockery, St. Mary's School

Jackson has been working very hard to make improvements both at home and at school.  We have seen growth in his concentration and willingness to help at home - Michelle

Benjamin is disciplined, positive, and hard-working - Ms. Bright, St. Michael's School

Dylan is very responsible and respectful.  He loves his Karate lessons!  Thank you so much - Dani

James participates well in class and is always happy to help others - Ms. D, Bear Valley Middle School

​Ally continues to do a great job at school and her many activities and sports, Girl Scouts, Cheer, etc - Brian

​Ethan is hardworking, kind, and wonderful - Ms. W, Chaparral Elementary

Leon has improved his self-control and tries to calm himself when angered by his siblings.  He is learning a lot about respect - Monica

 Amelie is an excellent student, and a joy to have in class Mrs. I, Del Mar Hills Elementary

CJ has become more helpful around the house, helping with laundry and other chores - Eric

Helia is one of my most engaged, active, and intelligent students.  She is always on task, willing to assist, and ready to learn - Mr. P, Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Mathew is growing into a great and kind young man. He is so thoughtful and cares for everyone - Holly

Chaeton is off to a wonderful year academically and socially - Mrs. V, Grace Christian School

​Christopher has been particularly responsible with his school work.  His grades are good and his teacher is satisfied - Estella​

Eric is a great citizen!  He finishes all his work and is well-behaved - Ms. O, Chaparral Elementary

William is showing steady improvement with carrying out his responsibilities at home - Alyssa

​Elise is an outstanding student who always works to the best of her abilities each day - Mrs. W, Del Mar Hills Elementary

Jacob has been doing his schoolwork much more cooperatively this year, and taking ownership of it - Melissa

Patrick has been a wonderful addition to our classroom.  He follows directions and is respectful to his teacher and peers - Ms. A, The Classical Academy

Elise and her sister got along together well on a long car trip.  She was loving and patient. - Arah

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